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  • 1. JW MARRIOTT Hotel is located in the middle of Seoul, in front of the Express Bus Terminal. It can be reached by car, bus, and metro line 3,7,9 (Express Bus Terminal stop).
  • 2. There are two buildings that JW MARRIOTT Hotel and SHINSEGAE Department Store, all interconnected. The Hotel Lobby is Connected to the 2nd Floor of Department Store. Meeting spot (Grand Ballroom) is on the 5th Floor at the Hotel.
  • 3. Hotel information: Address - 176 Sinbanpo-ro, Seocho-gu, Seoul, South Korea 06546 / Tel. +82-2-6282-6262

Access to JW MARRIOTT Hotel Seoul

  • 4. By Metro
    1. Incheon International Airport (ICN) /Airport Phone: +82-2-1577-2600
      Take the Airport Railroad – “Gimpo International Airport” stop, you can transfer to line 9 – get off “Express Bus Terminal” stop
      Fee: 5,200 KRW (one way)
    2. Gimpo International Airport (GMP) / Airport Phone: +82-2-2660-2114
      You can take Metro line 9 – get off “Express Bus Terminal” stop
      Fee: 1,650 KRW (one way)
  • 5. By Bus
    1. Incheon International Airport (ICN) /Airport Phone: +82 2-1577-2600

      T1 (1F Gate 4A, 4B): Take Airport Limousine 6020, 6020-1 – get off “Express Bus Terminal” stop
      Fee: 15,000 KRW (one way)

      T2 (B1F 14,15,16): Take Airport Limousine 6020 – get off “Express Bus Terminal” stop
      Fee: 15,000 KRW (one way)

    2. Gimpo International Airport (GMP)
      Take Airport Limousine 6000 – get off “Express Bus Terminal” stop
      Fee: 7,000 KRW (one way)
  • 6. By Car: Driving directions
    1. Incheon International Airport - Driving directions - Take the Airport Expressway, then the Olympic Expressway, and exit at Banpo Bridge. The hotel will be clearly visible on your left.
    2. Gimpo International Airport - Driving directions - Take the Airport Expressway, then the Olympic Expressway, and exit at Banpo Bridge. The hotel will be clearly visible on your left.
    3. If you catch a TAXI: You can just give a hotel address to a driver (176 Sinbanpo-ro, Seocho-gu, JW MARRIOTT SEOUL).

Registration of Participants and Admission to Meetings

  • 7. Participants must register in advance for each meeting.
  • 8. Participants will be required to register and obtain identification badges prior to the start of the Meeting.
  • 9. For security reasons, identification badges should be worn by all participants at all times, during the Meeting as well as during official social functions.
  • 10. Lost Passes should be reported and reissue without delay to the registration desk.

Medical Services

  • 11. Medical services are available at the general hospital opposite the hotel “The Catholic University of Korea Seoul ST. Mary’s Hospital”. It only takes 5 min by walk.
    1. “The Catholic University of Korea Seoul ST. Mary’s Hospital” has International Health Care Centre. It has highly qualified medical staffs dedicated to providing high-quality medical services to international patients who are living or traveling in Korea and to the patients from overseas as well.
    2. Working hour: 8:00 ~ 17:00 MON ~ FRI / 09:00~12:00 SAT
  • 12. For medical emergencies, dial 119 from all in-room telephones.

Access and Facilities for Disabled Persons

  • 13. All entrances at the hotel are accessible to disabled persons with wheelchairs. 5 lifts are provided from parking lot to Ballroom.
  • 14. Restroom facilities for disabled visitors have located in the ground(lobby) floor, using the elevators to go.


Participants’ Cloakroom

  • 15. A cloakroom is available for use by participants at Meetings, between grand ballroom entrance and coffee station(on the right side).

Participants’ Lounges

  • 16. Participants may use
    1. Business Centre (area at the right side of the grand ballroom, 5th Floor)
    2. Foyer (provided some couches, chairs, and standing tables)

Dining Facilities

  • 17. Many of the restaurants and available services around the hotel are located in the underground of a department store. “Famille Station”, “Food Court”. They are all located in “Central City Building” at SHINSEGAE department store.
  • 18. “Famille Station”, a fantastic place with various tastes from all over the world and a hot place that trendsetters find. From well-known delicious restaurants to fully authentic brands by chefs who only use healthy food ingredients, take an exciting luxurious food journey to ‘Famille Station’ where you can experience new tastes and styles.
  • 19. More details, please refer to the homepage (

Snack Bars and Vending Machines

  • 20. There are several snack bars in “Famille Station” and “Central City”
  • 21. Vending machines are also located at various points in Shinsegae Central City and near the subway station.


  • 22. Cellular phones should be switched off in meeting rooms.
  • 23. Public Skype stations are available in the Business Centre next to the coffee station.

Wi-Fi Coverage

  • 24. JW MARRIOTT Hotel offers free Wi-Fi(high-speed) coverage in all hotel areas.
  • 25. Participants with laptops, smartphones or tablet with Wireless Local Area Network (LAN) capabilities may use this service, selecting the network “JW MARRIOTT” – no need password, click “CONNECT NOW” (Login once only, for using a week).
  • 26. If problems arise when connecting to, or using, the wireless internet service, you can ask our staff who is near you or the registration desk.

Parking Facilities

  • 27. Parking is available for the use of participants to FAO meetings. It is possible to complimentary on-site Parking.
  • 28. Before you go out of the hotel, please visit the registration desk to register your car number for free to go.

Travel Facilities

  • 29. The Hotel runs a free shuttle bus to and from Itaewon, Myeongdong and Namdaemun area on Sat, Sun and holidays, four times a day. Please contact the hotel directly for more information at +82-2-6282-6407.
  • 30. You can download “2019 Seoul Official Tourist Guide” to get more information below the website (

Travel Facilities

  • 31. The currency of Korea is Won. The Woori Bank located on the Ground Floor, Building Central City, is open from 9:00 to 16:00 (MON-FRI).
  • 32. Cash dispensers (ATM) for credit card withdrawals are located at the entrance of the Bank. It can use 24 hours.